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Welcome to the Volunteer Ambulance Officers Association of Tasmania Incorporated website.

Whether you are a long-standing member of the Association, a new volunteer or someone who is thinking about becoming a Volunteer Ambulance Officer for Ambulance Tasmania, we hope you will find the site full of useful information.

Latest News & Announcements

First Response

New VAOAT Website Launched

The VAOAT Board is delighted to relaunch our website. We hope that you enjoy browsing through. There are sections of this website that are for

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The VAOAT vision is improved representation and support for Volunteer Ambulance Officers in Tasmania, to maximise patient care outcomes.

We will support all Volunteer Ambulance Officers and provide for their well-being through:

on VAO behalf to Ambulance Tasmania
VAOs in the community, through public relations and communication
VAOs with effective communication channels
Ambulance Tasmania in the Recruitment & Induction of VAOs
VAOAT Gatherings & Events
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VAOAT Communication

  • Communicate the message – Recruit, Retain, Recognise
  • Lead in seeking the highest standards in VAO resources and training
  • Maximise promoting VAOAT at Volunteer Induction Programs
  • Maximise website and social media as communication tools
  • Support First Response newsletter
  • Assist VAOs understanding of AT decisions
  • Regularly communicate to all VAOs

VAOAT Social & Promotions

  • Maximise opportunities to promote VAOAT & VAO’s
  • Maximise free training opportunities for VAO’s
  • Endeavour to provide an exciting opportunity for VAOs to annually gather
  • Review and constantly reinvigorate VAOAT branding opportunities
  • Develop promotional material to enhance the VAOAT message
  • Develop an Awards committee to recognise and promote individual VAO and group achievements

VAOAT Governance

  • Ensure VAOAT remains relevant to VAO needs
  • Manage the strategic development process
  • Maintain and grow membership numbers
  • Review all VAOAT governance documents annually
  • Develop long term financial plans
  • Investigate funding opportunities in a timely manner
  • Plan and deliver Gatherings or symposiums in a COVID-safe manner inside financial constraints


  • Support VAOs
  • Grow the strength in the AT/VAOAT relationship
  • Seek representation of VAOAT on AT committees constantly
  • Manage political independence and awareness of VAOAT
  • Investigate potential Association opportunities
  • Increase focus on developing relationships with professional bodies
  • Explore the development of social network for retired VAO’s

Why not volunteer for Ambulance Tasmania ….

Ambulance Tasmania is always looking for new volunteers in rural communities. If you have some spare time and are looking for something interesting and rewarding to do, why not look into becoming an Ambulance Volunteer?

The VAOAT Board wishes to acknowledge the efforts of Niche Ignite in the redevelopment of our website in 2021. The professionalism in which Niche Ignite have shown in understanding our needs, the time they have set aside to assist us has resulted in a finished product that we are incredibly proud of.

‘Thank you’ seems incredibly inadequate acknowledgement for the work that Brett and his team undertook on our behalf on a voluntary basis.