Member Registration Help

Certain pages of this site are restricted to VAOAT Members only. These include the Training Page and the Merchandise page.

In order to access the members area of this site, you will need to follow this registration process:

  1. Obtain the group password for the Membership Sign Up page  by contacting the VAOAT Secretary.
  2. Enter the group password on the Membership Sign Up page and hit Enter. This will give you access to the member registration form
  3. The member registration page will ask you to enter your name & email address, choose a password and username.
  4. Once you have this access, you can login as usual via the Members Login Page.
  5. On subsequent visits to the site you will only need to login if you are accessing the protected areas of the site.
  6. You will also notice there are login prompts on the protected pages which non-members and the public will see, as per screenshot below. Only registered VAOAT Members are able to login to gain member benefits.