Notice of AGM

Notice of the Annual General Meeting and Special Resolution

is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Volunteer Ambulance Officers Association of Tasmania Incorporated (ABN 49 452 275 349) will be held –

DATE: 13th November 2021  

TIME: As set out in the G21 program, 1.30 pm

VENUE: Camp Clayton, 41 Clayton Rd, Ulverstone TAS 7315 

As per Rule 18.5 of the Constitution 

The ordinary business of the Annual General Meeting shall be: – 

 (a)       To confirm the Minutes of the last preceding Annual General Meeting and of any General Meeting held since that meeting; 

(b)       To receive from the Board, Auditor, and servants of the Association     reports upon the transactions of the Association during the last preceding financial year; 

(c)        To elect members to the vacant positions on the Board; 

(d)        To appoint the Auditor and determine his remuneration; 

(e)        To determine the remuneration of the servants of the Association; 

(f)         Strike the annual subscription; and 

(g)        Transact any other business as the Chair may permit.         

As per Rule 18.6 of the Constitution

The Annual General Meeting may transact special business of which notice is given in accordance with these rules.

Special resolution: to adopt a new version of the Constitution for the Volunteer Ambulance Officers Association of Tasmania Incorporated 13th November 2021.

A copy of the revised Constitution shall be emailed to all VAOs on 12 October 2021. Included in the same email shall be a copy of the Agenda for the AGM and, also for perusal, copies of new policies that have been developed to support the revised Constitution.


Helen Jenkinson 

VAOAT Public Officer / Secretary

Dated:  11 October 2021

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